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Macadamia nuts belong to the protea family and have originated on the Eastern coast of Australia in a subtropical climate. The Bridelia macadamia nuts grow under the same subtropical conditions in the fertile Levubu valley on deep red Hutton soils. Delicious tasting Bridelia macadamia nuts of the highest quality are packed with goodness, flavour and nutrients. 

Enjoy a daily portion of healthy and delicious tasting Bridelia macadamias to keep your heart healthy, to strengthen your bone system and to look after your brain and nervous system. The good news does not stop here. Bridelia macadamias with their high flavonoid content will also help the damage that free radicals made which can lead to cancers. 

Your daily portion of macadamia will not only curb your appetite, which helps to control weight , but it will also strengthen you nails, give you a beautiful flexible skin, strengthen your hair and support your gut health. Can you afford not to eat your daily portion of tasty Bridelia macadamia nuts?