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Bananas have been one of the most popular, delicious and nutritious fruits known to man for ages. The fact that Bridelia Bananas are grown in Levubu in the fertile subtropical climate under the keen supervision of Bridelia’s dedicated agriculturalists makes them one of the South African consumer’s best and most popular buys. 

The health benefits of these delicious fruits are:

An unbelievable 0% Fat and 0% Cholesterol and only 1% Sodium.

Two medium bananas will supply in the following of your daily requirements:

23% Potassium, 17% Carbohydrates, 23% of your daily fibre and 33% Vitamin C.

Bananas are also stuffed with the whole range of macro and micro nutrients that you need for a healthy body. Bananas are known to be good for your heart and also help with depression. Bananas aid to digestion and weight loss and the significant amount of vitamin A helps your eyes to maintain normal vision. Bananas helps to strengthen your bones and some new evidence suggests that the high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds can be helpful in preventing kidney cancer. Look for the well known Bridelia label to ensure that you buy the best.